Sunday, July 18, 2010

Juliet Moradian's My Class Collection

As previous years Juliet Moradian has contributed to Mesopotamian Night art auction. This year she is offering two pieces from her collection called “My Class”. Below she is sharing her thoughts with us about these paintings. 

Some people twitter. Some people film. Others take photographs, and put it on facebook. I like to paint to document moments, and activities that are not just a career for me, but they show how we can reach perfection, tranquility, love, beauty and balance. It is only through art that we express our self, but we must have the freedom. There are so many factors that need to be together all at the same time so that an artist is born and ready to create.

I now have all the elements to start my collection. This collection will embody the past, the present and the future of the intellect of a nation. We have legends and myths of our ancient storytellers, but what has kept our history alive are the Bas relieves of the real people and real activities. My collection is called My class.

It is a contribution to my professor Hannibal Alkhas, who brought the idea of modern art in to the middle eastern society, but he did not just settle for that, he befriended himself with all the poets of the modern language and worked non stop to help talents turn into artists as much as he possibly could, to make sure that there will be a guaranteed existence of not just the artist, but also art appreciation and art buyers so that the art work is preserved.

I had no other choice than to follow, for a strong move like Hannibal’s left me only that one choice of being an active artist, and show the world what I have on my mind

The other purpose of my collection “My Class” is that it will be donated to the Mesopotamian night, so that this event can raise money to help art activities to grow. Painting is a very important element of the world of fine arts, and there are hundreds of talents out there who are in a desperate need of the opportunities to show us what they have on their minds, plus it is an excellent way of helping an ill economy.

I started this collection in the year 2009 and I now have finished the two paintings that are ready to be auctioned. Assyrian girls showing their artwork. Thanks to our Mesopotamian Night directors who could see the urgent need of saving the well being of our nation's culture.

Title: My Class: Sarah
Medium: Oil on canvas, 36" X 60"

Title: My Class: Briteal
Medium: Oil on canvas, 24" x 24"

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