Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mesopotamian Night DVD/CD on Sale now!!

The wait is over!!!  
The Mesopotamian Night 2012 DVD and CD products are now available for sale

    5th Annual Mesopotamian Night (2012)

To view list of songs, click here  Mesopotamian Night 2012

Purchasing options:

2DVD Set only $20                                        

2CDs set $15

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

5th Mesopotamian Night (2012) DVD/CD Set Released!

The 5th Mesopotamian Night (2012) 2 DVD's and 2 CD's set is now available for sale

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CD-1 Includes the full performance of the musical: "Malek Rama: The Handsome Prince"

Malek Rama: The Handsome Prince

Poet: Hannibal Alkhas, Composer: Edwin Elieh
  1. If I Were A Queen
  2. Be My Queen “And Bear My Child"
  3. The Newborn Is A Monster
  4. My Almighty Savior “You Will Be Rewarded?” 
  5. Sailors’ First Visit With Malek Rama
  6. You Will Become A Mosquito To See Your Dad
  7. Transformation Into A Mosquito
  8. Sailors Witnessed A Colorful City
  9. Cook Describes A Magical Tree
  10. Dove Grants Malek Rama’s First Wish
  11. Sailors’ Second Visit, With Malek Rama
  12. You Will Become A Wasp To See Your Dad
  13. Transformation Into A Wasp
  14. Sailors Witnessed A Miraculous Hazelnut Tree
  15. Nanareekha Talks About A Beautiful Girl
  16. Dove Becomes A Beautiful Girl
  17. Narrative-Malek Rama Happy With Transformation
  18. Mother’s Prayer For Malek Rama And His Wife
  19. Sailors’ Third Visit With Malek Rama
  20. Sailors Saw Malek Rama’s Beautiful Wife
  21. The Magical City

CD-2 Includes the Assyrian songs of Vania David and Misha Ashoorian.

Assyrian Classics: Misha and Vania

Lyrics: Misha Ashoorian, Composer: Vania David, Orchestrator: Edwin Elieh
  1. In Teleh Youma (The Last Day) – Lazar Malko
  2. Broona d’Shimsha (Son Of The Eastern Sun) - Rita Davoud
  3. Zeega d’Oomraneh (The Sound Of The Bells) (Churches Bell) – Salem Safo
  4. Khamra d’Shawa Shineh (Seven-Year Wine) – Tony Gabriel
  5. La Khoosh Kislee Poosh (Don’t Leave Me) – Jowan David
  6. Romina - Jowan David And Lazar Malko
  7. Aal Aina (By The Mountain Spring) – Salem Safo
  8. Betan Le Leh Qoorbokhoon (The Neighbors) - Rita Davoud And Tony Gabriel
  9. Nazaneh - Jowan David And Salem Sefo
  10. Qasra d’Matleh (Legendary Castle) - Tony Gabriel
  11. Al Roomyateh d'Qeeneh d'Nineveh (Nineveh's Green Hills) - Full Cast

DVD has extra features including exclusive interviews, event speeches, achievement awards and the song "In Qood'meh lit" which is not included on the audio CD