Mesopotamian Night 2010 DVD/CD Set:

MN DVD/CD Products

The set includes 2 DVDs and 2 CDs for the price of only $25

We are also offering previous years of Mesopotamian Night sets to complete your collection at a discounted price.
  • MN2009 2DVDs + 3CDs (retail price $30) on sale for $15
  • MN2008 3CDs (retail price $20) on sale for $10
  • Save $35 when you buy all three sets (4DVDs + 8CDs) for only $40
  • Save $20 when you buy MN2009 and 2009 sets (4DVDs + 5CDs) for only $35

(Free shipping in the USA and as low as $5 shipping internationally)

The proceeds from the sales of this product directly goes into general funds of the Assyrian Aid Society of America which are used to support Assyrian causes in Homeland and elsewhere.
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MN DVD/CD Products