Sunday, April 6, 2014

Press Release: Seventh Annual Mesopotamian Night Gala in San Jose

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David Perry & Associates, Inc. / (415) 693-0583 /   

Seventh Annual Mesopotamian Night Gala
Saturday, June 21 At San Jose’s California Theatre 

8 April 2014 – San Francisco, CA: The Assyrian Aid Society of America present the Seventh Annual Mesopotamian Night ( event at Saturday, June 21 at the California Theatre in San Jose, California.  In the Mesopotamian Night gala tradition, the evening begins at 5pm with a reception featuring fine wine and hors d’oeuvres followed by Assyrian-themed performances starting at 7pm.  Throughout the evening, a silent and live auction will offer an impressive gallery of art works by Assyrian artists. Considered the premiere fundraising event of the Assyrian Aid Society of America, this event has also become the primary medium for advancing and promoting Assyrian arts and culture including music, sculpture, painting and dance. 

“The previous six programs have raised over $350,000 to fund Assyrian education, humanitarian and refugee relief efforts throughout the Middle East,” said the event’s Executive Producer, Tony Khoshaba.  “With your support, we would like to continue this worthy endeavor.”

This year’s performance program is comprised of two acts.  Act One is a ballet theatre presentation of  The Little Lantern based on the popular children's book written by Ghassan Kanafani. The libretto and exquisite choreography is created by Assyrian ballerina Sherene Melania with enchanting musical composition and arrangement by Assyrian composer George Somi.  Melania, a member of the San Francisco Arts Commission, is also the Artistic Director of the internationally-acclaimed Presidio Dance Theatre.  Act Two features music from the repertoire of Assyrian composer Alexander Shoora Michaelian performed by the Mesopotamia choir and symphony orchestra conducted by Maestro John Kendall Bailey, followed by the music of Assyrian singer Ogin Betsamo

“We will also be honoring two great Assyrians for their extraordinary contribution to Assyrian Arts,” Khoshaba continued. “Our first honoree is Mr. Shoora Michaelian for his contribution to Assyrian music for over seven decades.  We will also be honoring Mr. Fred Parhad for his exceptional contribution in promoting the Assyrian heritage through his work in the field of art and sculpture.”

Tickets for this year’s event can be purchased directly at the theatre box office or Mesopotamian Night or online at:  Tickets may also be purchased directly, without a service fee, by contacting Sabrina Abraham at (408) 921-2401 or

Monday, March 24, 2014

Assyrian violinist Sinella Aghasi to perform at Mesopotamian Night concert

We are extremely excited to announce that this year and for the first time, we will have an Assyrian violinist in our Mesopotamia Symphony Orchestra.  Miss. Sinella Aghasi will be performing with the orchestra on June 21, 2014 at the CA Theater in San Jose at the 7th Annual Mesopotamian Night concert.  

Sinella is an accomplished violinist and began playing the violin at the age of 7.  She was awarded multiple scholarships from the CSU Stanislaus 2010 and also served as the concertmaster of the CSU Stanislaus Orchestra, and had various performances with them.  She has most recently been accepted into the SFSU School of Music and Dance for Master's degree in Violin performance starting Fall 2014 with a full scholarship.  

She is an active performer, and she has performed with different chamber groups, orchestras, and singers, such as the Black and White Concert at the Alex Theatre with Linda George (2013), and Jackie Evancho’s concert in Sacramento (2012). 

We hope that Sinella's performance will inspire and attract other young artists to the Mesopotamian Night program.   

We are proud of you Sinella Aghasi.  Keep up the good work.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mesopotamian Night 2012 DVD Finalist at CreaTiVi Awards

On January 18, 2014, the community media center "CreaTV San Jose", announced the winners of its "2013 CreaTiVe Awards" in a ceremony held at the California Theatre in San Jose, CA.  
The Assyrian Aid Society of America "Mesopotamian Night 2012" film of the Malek Rama musical, with sound and video editing by Charles Pakbaz and Fred Elieh, was selected as a finalist in the "Non-profit 31+ minutes - Feature" category.   

Special Guest at the event included the legendary actor and Leigh Weimers' Community Media Champion Awardee, Mr. Ed Asner, a longtime freedom fighter for public access television.  Celebrity guest, Rudy Parris a finalist from the TV show "The Voice" was there and performed a song.  Mr. Sargon Alkurge, Board Director of AAS-A and the Finance Director of Mesopotamian Night project, and Mr. Charles Pakbaz were also present at the event.   

This was a great recognition and a wonderful experience to participate in, unfortunately our film did not receive the honor of winning the award this year. 

The Mesopotamian Night Project committee members are very proud of this accomplishment and we promise to continue our mission to produce high quality Assyrian music events so one day we would be standing on the stage with an award in hand. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

7th Annual Mesopotamian Night Concert Tickets out For Sale Now

The California's Seating In General 
The California Theater is an intimate, comfortable, and beautifully decorated hall, with 1,126 plush seats. No seat is more than 20 rows from the orchestra players or more than 20 seats from center. The theater's acoustics are excellent and the sound in the mezzanine is especially outstanding. There truly are no poor seats in this hall. Both the orchestra floor and balcony levels have seats in all four price categories.

The following web page has very helpful information about the venue and it features an option to view the stage from seats. Visit

Seating Chart and Section Descriptions 

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mesopotamian Night DVD/CD on Sale now!!

The wait is over!!!  
The Mesopotamian Night 2012 DVD and CD products are now available for sale

Mesopotamian Night Product:

    5th Annual Mesopotamian Night (2012)

To view list of songs, click here  Mesopotamian Night 2012

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    Mesopotamian Night Product:

Saturday, December 21, 2013

5th Mesopotamian Night (2012) DVD/CD Set Released!

The 5th Mesopotamian Night (2012) 2 DVDS and 2 CDs set is now available for sale

Click here to purchase :
CD-1 Includes the full performance of the musical: "Malek Rama: The Handsome Prince"

Malek Rama: The Handsome Prince

Poet: Hannibal Alkhas, Composer: Edwin Elieh
  1. If I Were A Queen
  2. Be My Queen “And Bear My Child"
  3. The Newborn Is A Monster
  4. My Almighty Savior “You Will Be Rewarded?” 
  5. Sailors’ First Visit With Malek Rama
  6. You Will Become A Mosquito To See Your Dad
  7. Transformation Into A Mosquito
  8. Sailors Witnessed A Colorful City
  9. Cook Describes A Magical Tree
  10. Dove Grants Malek Rama’s First Wish
  11. Sailors’ Second Visit, With Malek Rama
  12. You Will Become A Wasp To See Your Dad
  13. Transformation Into A Wasp
  14. Sailors Witnessed A Miraculous Hazelnut Tree
  15. Nanareekha Talks About A Beautiful Girl
  16. Dove Becomes A Beautiful Girl
  17. Narrative-Malek Rama Happy With Transformation
  18. Mother’s Prayer For Malek Rama And His Wife
  19. Sailors’ Third Visit With Malek Rama
  20. Sailors Saw Malek Rama’s Beautiful Wife
  21. The Magical City

CD-2 Includes the Assyrian songs of Vania David and Misha Ashoorian.

Assyrian Classics: Misha and Vania

Lyrics: Misha Ashoorian, Composer: Vania David, Orchestrator: Edwin Elieh
  1. In Teleh Youma (The Last Day) – Lazar Malko
  2. Broona d’Shimsha (Son Of The Eastern Sun) - Rita Davoud
  3. Zeega d’Oomraneh (The Sound Of The Bells) (Churches Bell) – Salem Safo
  4. Khamra d’Shawa Shineh (Seven-Year Wine) – Tony Gabriel
  5. La Khoosh Kislee Poosh (Don’t Leave Me) – Jowan David
  6. Romina - Jowan David And Lazar Malko
  7. Aal Aina (By The Mountain Spring) – Salem Safo
  8. Betan Le Leh Qoorbokhoon (The Neighbors) - Rita Davoud And Tony Gabriel
  9. Nazaneh - Jowan David And Salem Sefo
  10. Qasra d’Matleh (Legendary Castle) - Tony Gabriel
  11. Al Roomyateh d'Qeeneh d'Nineveh (Nineveh's Green Hills) - Full Cast

DVD has extra features including exclusive interviews, event speeches, achievement awards and the song "In Qood'meh lit" which is not included on the audio CD