Monday, July 13, 2009

A Message from AAS-A President Narsai M. David

Mesopotamian Night has now become a summer tradition in Modesto, and what a tradition it is!

For the third consecutive year Tony Khoshaba and the AAS-A Central Valley Chapter team have designed an extraordinary evening of both high culture and popular culture celebrating our wonderful and rich Assyrian heritage. The range of performers and talents involved at every level is staggering. If the previous two Mesopotamian Nights are any indication, hold onto your seats and prepare to be amazed.

At the same time, however, please keep in mind how important the money raised through events like this is for our education projects in the Homeland. The beginning of the new school year for our Assyrian schools in northern Iraq is only weeks away yet already we are learning of looming budget deficits and lagging financial support from the local and national governments. Without your help, without the funds raised by events such as this, the Assyrian schools we have all worked so hard to build and maintain over the past decade will be in jeopardy. Education is crucial to the future of Assyrians in our Homeland and to the continued flowering of Assyrian culture.

Narsai M. David

President, Assyrian Aid Society of America

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