Friday, May 15, 2009

Lida Lawandoo to perform at Mesopotamian Night 2009 Concert

Lida Lawando will be working with a 50-piece Gottschalk Music Center Orchestra sponsored by AAS-A Central Valley Chapter to perform in the Mesopotamian Night 2009 concert. The arrangement of the music for her songs is under progress currently. Lida will also be part of the newly created choir group (Mesopotamian Singers Group) which will perform several multi-voice songs in the concert. We will be posting more details about this group soon.

Lida Lawando Biography

Lida was born in Syria, Tel-Tamer “Assyrian Village.” In the beautiful village, Lida began her journey on the edges of the Khabor river. Her talent was evident ever since she was a young girl. She participated in several festivals at schools and cities in Syria, winning many awards. She gained the respect of her family and friends and this motivation kept her going to succeed in her dream of becoming an Assyrian superstar.

After graduating from high school, she joined an institution that prepared and educated musical teachers in Syria's Capital city, Damascus. There, all universities and Institutions were joined together in a huge festival where Lida was then assigned as a pro Syrian singer by the main committee of musicians in Syria. This recognition was one of the many major rewards she was soon to uphold.

Lida wanted to teach the music in her village of Tel-Tamer to the students of high school in order for them to follow their dreams as well. She taught for four years but had to leave the village short after. She migrated to America (U.S.A.) due to the fact that her family was already in Chicago, IL. After her arrival in Chicago, she spent time producing her first cassette of Assyrian songs, and she recorded 6 of them and one compound CD. The cassettes included a nationalistic one, and another cassette for Assyrian children.

These were the foundations of Lida’s bright career and now she has done everything from playing guitar, making music videos, traveling the world to perform, and she was also fortunate to be able to record many more cassettes and CD’s after the approval among her fans for the first ones. Lida’s current desire and wish is to sing opera and to develop and promote the Assyrian music to be on the level of other major national singing superstars. She feels so blessed to have come this far and is overwhelmed by the response and support of her life long fans!

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