Thursday, April 23, 2009

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The wait is over!!!  The Mesopotamian Night DVD and CD products is now available for sale

CD ONE: Classic Music & Opera
  1. The Star-Spangled Banner
  2. Roomrama Nineveh
  3. The Memories of Fatherland
  4. Festival
  5. Tears of the Beloved
  6. Gilgamesh Assyrian Opera (Overture, Bull of the Heaven)
  7. Inanna: An Opera of Ancient Sumer (excerpts, English)
  8. I, The Lady
  9. Ballet: The Huluppu Tree
  10. The Drinking Song
CD TWO: Walter Aziz
  1. Khiltit D'Omtan (Mistakes of our Nation)
  2. Khayin (Unfaithful)
  3. Tera D'Khoubba (Love Bird)
  4. Ana Yadin Mani Eawin (I Know Who I Am)
  5. Parpoolen Biakh (I am Beggin You)
  6. Guitari (My Guitar)
  7. Lewa Shoopro (It Wasn't Her Beauty)
  8. Yama Shleeta (Calm Sea)
  9. Tanzara (Folk Dance)
  10. Riqdit D'Khouyada (Unity Dance)
CD THREE: Ashur Bet Sargis
  1. Bratad Shamiram (Daughter of Samiramis)
  2. Alo La Metdeeli (Could Not Reach Her)
  3. Tanee Le Luy Luy (Sing Me a Lullaby)
  4. Len Bikhshawa (I Don't Think So)
  5. Sara D'Matan (Our Village's Moon)
  6. Dakhy Ghamshoghatly & Dor Kissly(how You Left Me & Return to Me)
  7. Gipta D'Anweh (Grapevine)
  8. Tdowa/Righda Ghalibota/Prokh Rama (Wish/Dance of Victory/Fly High)

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