Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mesopotamian Night DVD/CD on Sale now!!

The wait is over!!!  
The Mesopotamian Night 2012 DVD and CD products are now available for sale

    5th Annual Mesopotamian Night (2012)

To view list of songs, click here  Mesopotamian Night 2012

Purchasing options:

2DVD Set only $20                                        

2CDs set $15

SAVE $10 when you purchase both sets 2DVDs + 2CDs For $25

    Add: 4th Annual Mesopotamian Night (2010) 2DVD+2CD Set for $15 only.........Saving an additional $10 
    For a list of songs visit: Mesopotamian Night 2010
    Add: 3th Annual Mesopotamian Night (2009) 2DVD+3CD sets for $15 only.........Saving an additional $10  
    For a list of songs visit: Mesopotamian Night 2009
    Add: 2nd Annual Mesopotamian Night (2008) 3CDs
    (Audio only)  for $10 only.........Saving an additional $10 
    For a list of songs visit: Mesopotamian Night 2008


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  4. This is good news. I always waiting for this DVD/CD sale in Mesopotamian. I can't wait to visit this.