Friday, April 15, 2011

Mesopotamian Night 2010 DVD/CD is now available for Sale

Mesopotamian Night 2010 DVD/CD Set:

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The set includes 2 DVDs and 2 CDs

DVD/CD 1: Classical Music & Opera
  • Assyryt Suite No. 2               Paulus Khofri,     Orchestration: Michel Bosc
  • Elegy                                      William Daniel,     Transcription: Sam Madoo, Peter Blauvelt
  • On Assyrian Mountains       William Daniel / Peter Blauvelt,     Transcription: Sam Madoo
  • The Assyrian Legacy            George Somi
                  I.  The Rise of the Great Empire
                  II. The Majesty of the Hanging Gardens
  • Ninos and Shamiram             Michel Bosc,     Poetry: Yosip Bet Yosip
               Overture:   Scenes I, II, III, IV, V, VI
               Ninos: Brian Thorsett, tenor, Shamiram: Liisa D├ívila, soprano
  •  Nineveh            Lyrics and Music: Fred Elieh,     Orchestration: Edwin Elieh
               Singers: Fred Elieh and Helena Chanko

DVD/CD 2: Assyrian Folkloric Musical: Walter Aziz
  • Plasha d’Khoorara [War of Freedom] 
  • Leleh d’Sitwa Mitrana [Rainy Winter Night]
  • Dashta d’Nineveh Deyan Eala [Nineveh Plains is Ours]
  • Shara [Festival]
  • Malikta d’Khayee [Queen of my Life]           
  • Libba Shmeeta [Broken Heart]
  • Maptikhanta d’Pala [Fortune Teller]   
  • Manshee [Forget it]
  • Akitu [Assyrian New Year]    
  • Atour Bet Khayah [Assyria shall live]

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