Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MN2009 DVD/CD is now available

Mesopotamian Night 2009 DVD / CD is now available for sale. The retail price is $30. This a perfect holiday gift. The proceeds from the sales of this product directly goes into general funds of AAS-A which are used to support Assyrian causes in Iraq and else where.

CD 1: Classical Music & Opera
           - The Assyryt Suite No.1
           - The Opera Qateeni 
CD 2: Classical Music & Opera
           - The Mesopotamian Choir Ensemble
                Nation Sacrifices  
                Vacant Nineveh
           - The Gilgamesh Oratorio
           - Lorraine Davis
                Spinning Wheel
                Maiden of Dreams
           - The Opera Gilgamesh
                The Death of Enkidu
                The Lament of Gilgamesh
           - The Mesopotamian Choir Ensemble
CD 3: Pop Music
           - Lida Lawando
               Nahrin Shawqaly
          - Emanouel Bet-Younan
               Tasheeta (Deyouta)
               Aqarta Qa Yima
               Khamta D'Khoolmanee
               Ya Bnai Atour
DVD 1: Pop Music Section and Special Features
DVD 2: Classical Music & Opera Section

Assyryt DVD Trailer:

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